At 32Gi we understand that not all athletes are created equal. What works for one athlete does not necessarily work for another and each has different requirements. An athlete’s nutrition intake will depend entirely on the kind of session he or she is doing and these are not always performance based. Science has shown that during high intensity exercise glycogen (natural carbohydrate) stores are mainly utilised to provide energy to the muscles.

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The Peninsula Aquatic Recreation Centre (PARC) is the Peninsula’s premier Fitness, Aquatics and Fun PARC connecting individuals and communities through diverse and exciting aquatic and physical activities. PARC offers endless first class and innovative facilities, services and experiences. PARC is home to the world’s first AquaSphere™ family raft ride and the thrilling Constrictor™ raft ride, and the award winning AquaPlay ™ aquatic playground, positioning the Centre as the Peninsula’s premier fun PARC. A state of the art gym, group exercise studios, warm water pool, Swim School, Wellness Centre, creche and café are some of the many highlights on offer here at PARC

Nicholas Lynch Real Estate was founded around one simple mission.

To provide results that exceed our clients expectations through the delivery of awesome customer service.

We are a modern, innovate company utilizing only solutions that deliver better customer service. With a central administration hub, we bring our services to you. You won't find our Sales Consultant's in the office doing administration tasks, but rather at people's homes delivering front line customer service and negotiating the best possible results for our Clients.

We like to think of our sales staff as Mobile Agents and they have at their finger tips everything they need to deliver premium customer service and up to the minute information through the latest technology.

With no shop front we operate all over the Frankston ,Mornington Peninsula areas, with our weekly Real Estate magazine being available from outlets everywhere providing our shop front to lots and lots of buyers, many more than those who would just look in a window.

At the foundation of our 'success system' is constant training, superior negotiating skills, state-of-the-art systems, our 8 Star Service Commitment and our Project Management approach to each Property.

At Nicholas Lynch you have the knowledge and confidence that the person that you list your property will be there with you every step of the way.

We have created a best 'Best Practice Real Estate Organization that delivers results that continually exceed our customers expectations.

We know you will enjoy the Nicholas Lynch experience.

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The Event People and Mornington Running Festival are proud to announce the Partnership with 32Gi. 32Gi will be supplying all on course and recovery nutrition, On course will be 32Gi endure (most likely Orange).
CLICK HERE to find out more about 32Gi endure 

32Gi will be available for purchase at the Mornington Running Festival Health and Lifestyle Expo, however it is also available online at and also at a range of STOCKISTS