The time frames noted are determined from the day of the Event in question.

Request for an Event Refund can be provided, as per the following:

Up to 8 weeks prior to the event, 75% of the entry fee will be refundable
between 4 weeks and 8 weeks prior to the event, 50% of the entry fee will be refundable
Between 1 and 4 weeks prior to the event, 25% of the entry fee will be refundable
between 0 and 7 days prior to the event, no entry fee is refundable.
NO REFUNDS will be available after the last time period under ANY circumstance

*Please note this is for all entries after 1 July 2020. Entries prior to this date have the entry move the new date (2 May 2021) and no refunds will be available

In the situation where an event is postponed and your entry is moved to the new date, the refund window for your entry will remain as it was at the announcement of the event date change.

Request for an Event Transfer can be provided, as per the following

Can take place up until 7 days before the date of the Event
Transfer is within the current season ONLY (Seasons run from year end July – June following year)
Can be transferred to an event of greater or lesser value, which will require a payment to pay the outstanding balance between the two, if greater value. If you transfer to an event of lesser value, no refund or credit of the difference in price between the two is given.
A transfer will cost a $10 administration fee.
BUT cannot take place into an Event that has already reached capacity
Please note that a transferred entry cannot be refunded in any manner after the original event has passed.  It however can be transferred again once, within that season ONLY.
If you wish to transfer to a shorter distance event at the same festival, no refund or credit of the difference in price between the two distances will be given.

There is NO TRANSFER between athletes, as the system doesn’t allow a direct transfer, however we can withdraw the athlete from the event, and make up a promotion code for 80% of the entry fee, for another athlete to use. This can only be done up until 7 days prior to the event. This definitely cannot be done on the day of the event.


COVID 19 CLAUSE – As part of Event People commitment to running events as safely as possible, a full transfer to another event (of equal or lesser value) within a year post-event is available to anyone who is able to provide an official COVID 19 positive test in the week of the event – right up until race day.

While we’re still facing uncertain times, we’re pleased to announce a full refund policy of entry fees on NEW events (events that you are entering from July 1, 2020), if the event is CANCELLED due to COVID-19. The refunded entry fee is less the 7.5% admin fee. This does not apply if an event is postponed, only cancelled.